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Products are used in all walks of life


Rich experience and strong strength

  • Modern standardized workshop.
  • A variety of automated process production equipment and professional research and development team of new technologies.
  • Professional business management concept.

Professional R&D team

Professional R & D team

  • Innovation of Technological Concept and Efficient Collaboration
  • In the development and research of drying equipment, a series of advanced and energy-saving products have been designed and manufactured.
  • Perfect after-sales service team. Guarantee after-sales worry-free.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance, recognized both at home and abroad

  • Strict quality control and inspection system for every link from material entry to equipment delivery.
  • The company strictly designs and manufactures according to industry standards.
  • Provide user-related drawings, technical information, coordinate installation and construction of user equipment, inform users of production speed and quality.

Perfect after-sales service


  • We communicate patiently with users, understand the actual needs of users, and provide users with optimal design solutions.
  • We guarantee to provide users with at least 10 years of spare parts service, to avoid equipment idle due to the aging of equipment components.
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